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Mazama Bars: Meal Replacement That Keeps You Energized and Hiking Longer

If you’re like me, you’ve eaten thousands of meal replacement and energy bars that have the consistency of a cardboard box. Most of them taste

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Blitz To The Barrel 2012: A Proper Mountain Bike Race For A Boozer

For the last few years Blitz 2 The Barrel has been a race that get’s professional mountain bike racers from around the nation all riled

June 13, 2012 Mountain Biking
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It’s All Downhill From Here: Mountain Bike Racing with the Oregon Enduro Series

This last weekend, mountain bikers from all over the Northwest put on quite a show up in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades. Bend, Oregon

June 06, 2012 Mountain Biking
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The 3 Best Mountain Bike Trails on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast offers stunning views and exhilarating trails for mountain bikers. Though many of these trails are only available part of the year, you’ll