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You Deserve a Good Paddling: Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Oregon

On a sunny day here in Oregon most people have to get out for a ride, a run, or just a game of Frisbee in

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Upper Clackamas White Water Festival: Rafting With The Best in Oregon

My first year river guiding out of Maupin, OR was nothing short of a sunbaked mixture of Caddyshack and The Big Lebowski. I’ll bet I

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Backcountry Boozin: Taking Your Favorite Drinks on the Trail

For those of you of age, it’s not hard to cut loose on a backpacking trip when you’re in your element. You climb hard and

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How To Prevent Raft-Ass on The Grand Canyon

This isn’t so much a how-to…It is more a should/must do. When spending all day sitting on the tubes… You gotta wear something that breaths.

December 22, 2011 Trips and Trails, Whitewater Sports